Last Supper II

college at sunset

And so another school year begins.
“Bob” has now officially moved from our living room to his new digs on the hill.

It was a crappy, rainy day to move everything but we got ‘er done.
We didn’t even have a last meal planned but I thought a grilled pork tenderloin with my special “grill potatoes” might do the trick.

My recipe for pork is fairly simple:

Butterfly the tenderloin and baste it with olive oil (both sides, please); sprinkle liberally with thyme, freshly cracked pepper and garlic salt.
Heat grill on high for several minutes and place on the grill for 5-7 minutes for each side.
Let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing.

It’s pure epicurean heaven.
Try it. You’ll agree.
The meat comes out so juicy you’ll think something’s wrong.
I persuaded Sarah and her new roommate (who I’ll call Kat) to come back to the house for dinner.
Afterwards, we lit 13 candles for my youngest daughter, Hannah.
My wife picked up a novelty cake that looked like a hamburger adorned with lettuce, tomato, mustard and catsup.
Pretty cool cake; a definite Hannabanana cake.
(Happy Birthday, Hannah!)


This year is different somehow, not the emotional faucetfest of last year.
In my heart, I feel that Sarah is very happy and content with her current situation
(and her roommate).

With your own children, sometimes it just doesn’t get better than that.

I’m also thinking that we won’t see her coming home as much.
(I think that means less laundry for her mother)

But if I start missing her too much, you will find me in our little kitchen cooking something I know she loves.
Maybe that explains why they call the kitchen “the heart of the home”.
So Sarah, be safe, be well and get the job done on the hill and know that the light above the backdoor will always be on.
We love you.



(or Dad)


7 thoughts on “Last Supper II

  1. I hope Bob takes good care of Sarah. Mikey, you ol’ softie, I’ll bet you were tearing up when you wrote this.

    Happy Birthday Hannah! 🙂 Congrats on reaching the ever important first ‘teen’ year.


    Oddly enough, I didn’t tear up. I did like the sentimentality of the post though.
    Hannah says, “Thanks”…



  2. Thanks for sharing what i’ve got in my future. And I think your right, it doesn’t get any better than seeing your children happy. It’s better than coffee 🙂
    Happy birthday Hannah!!
    Cheers, Kelly
    p.s That pork sounds like it would just melt in the mouth, might try it!

    Yeah, it is better than coffee.
    And I know how much you like coffee…
    Hannah says, “Thanks”…



  3. I’m glad I came back in time to share these little (big 🙂 life moments with you, Michael.
    And if you spend more time in the kitchen, keep sharing these recipes 🙂

    Nice to see you back, Melly.
    I pray everything is okay with the family.



  4. Aw! So sweet! I can fully understand what you’re feeing since my nephew left for school.

    That cake is really cute with the teenie weenie one beside it!!!

    Once you get past these first couple of days, it’ll be a bit easier. Hang in there.

    Actually, this year was much easier than last.
    Sarah was itching to get back to school herself and my wife appreciates the lighter laundry loads…



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