I’m not a big guy on poetry because honestly I don’t understand much of it.
The works of Platt, Frost, Whitman and Yeats and many more leave me innocently frozen in my somewhat plebeian understanding of a language I actually speak.
Although I admire these artists for their incredibly complex ideas and manipulations of the English language, I fail miserably with interpretation.
But now and then something strikes me in such a way that I understand.
The words of Charles Coe, a poet, singer, activist and tireless supporter of the arts spoke to me today.
He’s a Boston legend and I can only hope that someday I can actually shake the man’s hand and say, “I am with you brother.”
This is a closing stance to of one of his poems called “Possiblity.”

The new snow covers everything.
It covers dogshit and cigarette butts.
It covers used condoms and losing lottery tickets
and under this impossibly blue sky
on what seems to be the very first morning of the world
the city is an old whore in a white wedding dress
clutching, like a fistful of flowers,
the idea that in spite of everything
we know to be true
about the world and ourselves
we might. somehow,
begin again

I don’t even care that they say he’s an all-around wiseass.
I love the way the guy thinks…
How about you?


9 thoughts on “Longfellow

  1. Just thought I’d agree with you in writing, that though the words/expressions could be deemed blunt, perhaps even crude, in some people’s judgement/response… I reckon Charles Coe has a way of expression that is somewhat “poetic” whilst to the point… yep, I like the sample you posted… and nope do not know the bloke nor whether he’s a “all-round wiseass” or not…

    Judging from the article I read about Coe, he is a very funny man.
    Looks happy as hell, too.
    And I agree, Coe doesn’t beat around the bush.
    Thanks for reading, Djubba.



  2. I like it….got the rest of the poem?

    Whether you love it or hate it, you gotta admire his ability to use metaphors that people will understand, a lot of poets, whilst brilliant, don’t always get their message across..
    Thanks for sharing
    Cheers, Kelly

    I am going to look for the rest of it.
    May have to buy a book by the guy.
    Ah, well, I can think of worse things to spend my money on.
    I’ll keep you posted.



  3. My favorite line is ‘the city is an old whore in a white wedding dress’ It reminds me of my home town – Detroit. I know that exact feeling. A new snow does make you feel like you have a clean slate. Love it.


  4. the city is an old whore in a white wedding dress

    My very first impression when reading this line was New York City. I’m not sure why, because this could be any major city in the world.

    I like Coe’s poetry, which says a lot. I’ll have to look him up on Amazon. Thanks for sharing this!


  5. The art meant more to me than the words. I ahve my own. But the art…this I needed to see. And that there are some people that love passionately for more than tw years. thankyou. K


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