It’s really hard to believe that another summer is coming to a close.
The golden days of August slowly morph into September and the beginning of autumn with barely a whisper.
Sarah goes back to school next Sunday.
The telling sign being the expanding pile of stuff in the living room.

I’m calling the pile “Bob”, because it deserves a name.

Bob seemed to come out of nowhere that I could foresee.
One minute there’s nothing but open space and the next…BANG!
It’s Bob.

He’s a very sneaky pile, too.

He starts off looking so innocent and low key; a pair of socks, followed by a pair of sneakers (oh-oh, pairs), then Sun-Chips and Pretzels and cases of Gatorade and a toaster and a Shark vacuum and…

Bobby, my man, what’s up dude?
You’re getting freekin’ huge!

I’m sitting at the computer at 4:30 this morning checking my email when something taps me on the shoulder.
It’s Bobby again.

And this time he wants more room.

The more I give, the more real estate he wants to take.

What he doesn’t know is that it will all change next Sunday morning.
I’ll move him into some new digs and take back my living room.
For now…

12 thoughts on “Bob

  1. Oy carumba! What is up with this? Is that
    really your livingroom? LOL. I just don’t
    even know what to say. When I first saw the
    pic I thought it was your garage. Well, here’s
    to next Saturday – hope your livingroom is
    still under there after Bob leaves.

    I will keep you posted.
    I have the feeling one of the cats may be underneath… 



  2. Please tell me that AINT your just doesn’t seem right!!
    Hey I see you got some more of your book done – woohoo!

    You don’t miss a trick, kiddo.
    You’re the only one that noticed.
    The first copy will be on me.
    Just don’t hold your breath for right now…;)


    ps. it ain’t my room, but it’s close! 


  3. You sure Sarah isn’t studying to be a pilot…….. she is piling it there for now and will pilot in her dorm room later…. reminds me of the times when my sister would be off to school in the fall need to borrow a U-haul just to get it there


  4. phuckin’ awesome, M squared! your writing style here was very King-like {stephen, that is!} assigning a name and personality to an inanimate object, and writing a haiku….SMUCKING BRILLIANT!

    i may be your, um, biggest fan…LOL

    write on, brother!

    you phucking rock!

    My biggest fan? I think you’ll need to squeeze in before my wife to claim that title. 😆


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