I urge all bloggers to click on the picture above and make your blog a place of honor this year for the many victims of 9/11.
I am honored to have been assigned Amy N. Jarett, a flight attendant on US American Airlines Flight 175.
She lived in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, a town that’s about 30 miles away from me.
So close at one point but now so very far away.
This is such a worthy cause.


3 thoughts on “2,996

  1. Wow M…. You got someone from United Flight 175 congrats… Had 2 friends on that flight Ace Bailey & Mark Bavis… on thier way back to LA scouts for the LA Kings.. Amy would consider herself lucky to have you doing the memorial…..

    I hope I do her justice.
    Look up her picture at Google Images.
    What a beautiful woman.




  2. WTG Michael, I knew you would…the list of people is getting longer by the day, but I hope there is one left over so that anonymum can do one on my blog.

    Something very interesting happened when I signed up.
    Something “clicked” in me.
    Can’t explain it any other way.
    I will address it on 9/11.
    And I can’t wait to write the post…



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