So I’m waiting on a guy today that says he wants to buy a set of S.T.Dupont lighters
for a man and a woman.
I’m thinking, “Sure you do.”
These lighters retail for 4oo – 5oo$ a piece.
And I’m thinking Ka-ching.
I show him several lighters when he says, “I’ll take these two.”
Make that a double Ka-ching.
I put the lighters in a nice bag and rang him up.
“$1500.00, please.”
He whips out his credit card and away we go, off to pray to the AMX moneygod.
I swear the guy standing in line behind Mr. Dupont of the Day dropped a load in his pants right there.
Here’s this guy shelling out money like it’s free and I’m wondering if I have enough gas in my truck to get home because I don’t have a cent to my name.
How do things get so incredibly out of balance?
Maybe I’m just not meant to know.
It still messes with my head, which I’m still scratching like a losing lottery ticket.
I know alot about them…


7 thoughts on “Moneygod

  1. How can any lighter be worth that much money? I just don’t unerstand how people can spend like that. The thought makes me sick that people spend that on lighters and some people can’t afford to buy groceries.

    The sad truth of the matter is that there are thousands just like him.
    What amazes me is that two minutes later a street guy comes in wearing tattered clothes and smelling like the gutter
    and buys a pouch of tobacco for $1.65; an extravagance for him.
    Go figure.



  2. I know what you’re saying, Michael. My husband was complaining about how hard he has to work while his friends make more money than him for doing next to nothing.

    I guess no one ever said life was going to be fair.
    Somedays I’m okay with that but somedays it really sucks.



  3. Some people have more money than sense, but hey, it’s theirs, they can purchase what they will.
    But you’re right, it just doesn’t seem right somehow does it?
    I’d be willing to make a wager that the $1.65 pouch of tobacco bought more enjoyment than the gazillian dollar lighter too….

    Probably right, Kel…



  4. Today I was in an art gallery, sort of, and there was some beautiful stuff!!!! I told the lady if I had a whole lot of money, that would be my weakness, artwork. There were these wooden bowls inlaid with ribbons of turquoise – about $1000 each. They were big bowls about 15″ in dia.

    I could go for a couple of Hopper or Dali originals myself.


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