The world according to WriterChick


Remember Writer Chick?
Sure you do.
Great writer with a great sense of humor?
She gave us “Cream Boogers”?
And she blogs pretty damn well for never having done it before.
I’m proud to say she finally succumbed to my ever so gentle powers of suggestion and started her own blog.
I know that when starting a blog, the internet can be a really lonely place.
I’m asking that you stop by and just give her a shout.
She hasn’t posted much yet but I’ve no doubt that will soon change.
Go to WriterChick Talks.
or look in my sidebar for her link.
Tell the Chick I said, “hi”…



5 thoughts on “The world according to WriterChick

  1. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the plug. I hope y’all drop by. I’m just getting my wings wet right now. But I have so many ideas I think the posts will pick up pretty quickly.

    Tip, tricks and comments welcome. LOL.

    You are sooooo welcome.
    Nice to have you here.
    The best is yet to come, kiddo.



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