1,001 words


Any idea where the inspiration from this came from?



9 thoughts on “1,001 words

  1. You’re a bad boy mikey…. stirring the boilng pot.
    I heard the Jess Jackson and his posse from the rainbow coalition are boycotting your blogg on the “black list” of bloggers now.
    P.S. Al Sharpton says hello…. Do I hear you breaking out into a chorus of “Ebony and Ivory”



  2. Well Mike,
    I must say it was so politically incorrect of you to actually have an opinion of rap that wasn’t glowing. I mean, how dare you? Don’t you just love how the intolerant always accuse you of intolerance? The hypocrisy is what really gets me. It’s not sufficient for you to state your opinion of something without being bombarded with argument and when that doesn’t bring you around to the come to Jesus moment, then you’re accused of latent racism.

    I wonder what it would be like if we were all blind. Would a cottage industry of ‘voicism’ develope? Probably.

    The bottom line seems to be that some people just go looking for a fight. No matter what it’s about.

    Well my motto is be loud and be proud. Carry on, dude. Peace, love.


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