Crap II

Don’t know if anyone wants in on THIS.
An old post of mine has created a bit of a stir.
I agree with my friend Fuzz, sometimes the comments are even better than the original post.
Check it out.



6 thoughts on “Crap II

  1. Looks like ol’ Gene has a few issues.
    I noticed he didn’t put up a link to his site. Maybe he sells rap crap over at his joint.

    There’s a trackback link in the last comment. 



  2. Wow a bit touchy, to much pent up hostility no doubt from listening to the genre of music ( again music is stretching it a bit) he chooses too.
    He left you a post and a link M I think you made a new friend.

    You think?



  3. I left this misguided fellow a comment. I bet that he deletes it. In it I simply told him that it was a very narrow and misguided view. That just because someone hates rap doesn’t make them a racist and playing the race card is a cheap out. But by attacking others maybe he has found a way to get someone to comment on his blog.


  4. There was a wonderful editorial by Leonard Pitts about some prominent members of the rap culture and their whining about Oprah Winfrey. Three seconds of a rap video is enough to convey to me the coarse sexism of it–I’m not a music critic, so I can’t say much about its value. I suppose there is legitimate art that is misguided and prejudiced. But shock value does not, by itself, create poetry or music. Maybe when rap rises above being purely reactionary will it do what music is supposed to do: bring people together. Until then, it’s merely a cultural and consumer phenomenon. And I agree with Fuzz, about the racism cheap shot. If someone is telling me that I’m not allowed to dislike or disagree with a point of view because of skin color–well, what does that make them, then?

    I’m speechless.
    Pitts is ‘dabomb…



  5. PS–Sorry my link leads to a registration page for the Miami Herald. Pitts editorial is worth it, though.

    Wow. You gotta love this guy, huh?
    If you want to read a rant, check the link in Deb’s comment above.
    Justified ammo…



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