SPF 30, my ass


I’m writing this on our last day of vacation. It’s about four in the afternoon and my wife and daughters have gone shopping leaving me to my own devices.
The room is quiet save for the air conditioner slaving away by the window.
We’ve had wonderful weather this week, perfect beach weather; hot and sunny.
Put the two together and you get an idea as to why my daughters are calling me the “lobsterman”.
The post title should make some sense as well.
I got a bit toasty.
Speaking of toasted, I’m drinking a beer called ‘Road Dog’,
a Scottish Porter made by the Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, Co.
road dog

The artwork on the bottle reminded me of Ralph Steadman.
I’ve loved Steadman’s work forever. Think of a Hunter Thompson book cover and you know who Steadman is.
Anyway, the phrase on the bottle simply said, “good beer, no shit.”
Sign me up, captain.
It’s not as good as my beloved Guinness but it’s cold and wet and hitting the spot right now.

A few vacation/beach observations:

* If you’re a pregnant woman going to a public beach and you’re anywhere near your third trimester, please, for the love of God, lose the two-piece bikini. While I considered my wife subtly sexy when she was pregnant, I consider a strange woman strutting her expanding gut on the beach to be nothing short of a corpulent slob.

* The need/urge for a woman to “pee” is in direct proportion to the amount of traffic you’re sitting in that’s slowing down your arrival at the nearest bathroom.

*Cold beer and a freshly boiled lobster never taste nearly as good as when you’re enjoying them while sitting with a great friend. We watched a burning sunset over a harbor in Hyannis and talked about old times. The beer was colder and the lobster,sweeter.
Go figure.

*My daughters all look like they come from the Tropics because they’re so tanned.

*Horseflies suck.

*I love my bed.

This post wouldn’t be complete without saying thank you to my good friend Writer Chick.
Though she would have loved a bit more feedback, she had alot of fun.
She may be by occasionally to do a cameo appearance if she can find some time as she’s currently at work on a novel.
I thank all that commented and made her feel at home.
I also hope that those that did visit and left anonymously enjoyed their stay.
I plan on making the rounds sometime this weekend to do some catch up on my favorite blogs. Hope everyone is well.
Back to work on Monday…yuck.


14 thoughts on “SPF 30, my ass

  1. Welcome back!

    How did the writing go?

    The writing went quite well, all things considered.
    I managed to write a bit almost every day.
    Obviously, one can never seem to write enough.
    Keep an eye on the book stats on my sidebar.
    Thanks for the first welcome back, Flood.



  2. Awesome! I haven’t been to the beach in ages! Secret to sunscreen is you have to reapply every few hours. Otherwise you still get burned.

    You’d think a big boy like me would have learned…



  3. Just remember the old folk remedy of a cool bath with a cup of vinegar in the water to ease the pain.

    Won’t a few extra brewskis do the same thing? 😉



  4. welcome back m hope you remebered to cover your dome with that spf30 G

    I wore a hat most days so my coconut was just fine.
    Can’t say the same for the skin on my back.



  5. Welcome back. Just returned from vaca myself. I love the flying dog line of brewski’s. Their artwork is imaginative as well as the names for their beers!

    Thanks, Snot.
    Hope you had a good vaca. The weather here has been nothing short of perfect.
    Are you still blogging?
    Last post was the 4th.
    And no URL on the comment.
    And I’m missing Causticity…



  6. OK, I’m insanely jealous…summer on the Cape, burning sunsets, friends, beer and lobsta…

    And, I just noticed the little icon you have to the right…the shocker…um yea…I find that very hilarious as it is a joke amongst a few of my friends. The guys have the t-shirts.

    Glad you had a great vaca.

    Ooh, the lobstah was sweet, baby.
    Just noticed the Shocker, eh?
    It’s there for a good reason. And, yeah, it is kind of funny…I guess. 😉
    Thanks for the visit, Carn.



  7. I feel your pain. I don’t sunburn, I burst into flames in the sun! Ouch!!

    I have a friend that does the same. Ouch, is right.
    Maybe Fuzz has something: cool water mixed with vinegar.
    Worth a shot, I guess.



  8. Welcome back, Michael. 🙂 Why is it that we always need a vacation to recover from our vacation?

    Sometimes we just do, Deb.
    Thanks for stopping by to welcome me home…



  9. Welcome back!! Just in time too, I just got back online properly myself, still trying to catchup on WC’s posts too 🙂
    I see you have indeed added to your stats, so well done and hope you’re all rested and ready to go!!!
    Cheers, Kelly

    Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to work I go…
    Rested, yes. Done with vacation?
    Far from it.
    Hope all is well downunder…



  10. What’s a vacation again? LOL I’m here workin’ on my birthday…..

    I’m so happy for you to have had a chance to get away and enjoy time with your family. I’m sure it recharged your batteries!

    I read Writer Chick and tried to comment – honest! LOL I’m having a horrid time with my ISP (damned dial-up – grrr…)

    It was a very nice thing for her to fill in and I enjoyed her posts, but I am glad to hear your “voice” again.

    Welcome home!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Marti.
    I’m sure WC will read your comments.
    I will say ‘thank you’ in her place.
    My batteries are still charging as I sit here typing madly away.
    So much to write, so little time.
    Thanks for the visit, I’ll be by over the weekend.



  11. LOL… I agree with you about the beer and lobster…. and also about the prego bikini, yuck just gives me nighmares… lol… So where are you vacationing? Sounds awesome!!!!

    Though vaca is almost over, we were on Cape Cod.
    The weather was absolutely phenomenal.
    We hit the beach every single day. Nice.
    Thanks for stopping by…



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