Writer Chick Over & Out

Hey Everybody I just wanted to say thanks for all the reading and comments. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too.

Michael should be back tomorrow or Thursday – and I’m sure he’ll have a lot to talk about.

Mikey, thanks for letting me play with your blog – it was an interesting experience. Nice little test-run. I await your response to the Saga.



5 thoughts on “Writer Chick Over & Out

  1. Wonderful job, Writer Chick.
    You’ve earned a few fans with your exceptional writing talents.
    Can’t think of many people that could do the job that you’ve done here. How about a cameo spot once in a while?
    Kind of like a grandkid, when you get tired of them you give them back…
    Just a thought.
    Cream booger has now been added to my personal lexicon.
    The “saga” reply will be on its way shortly.
    I am returning soon.
    Enough sun for moi…


  2. Thanks for the kudos Michael. I love that I have expanded your vocabulary even more, with the addition of cream boogers. I mean, honestly how could one go thru life without knowing about those?

    A cameo spot is a possibility….

    Good on the Saga – been jonesing….



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