BlogMind and the Writer-Chick


In a day or two, I’ll be giving up this blog (temporarily)…
to this chick I know.

She’s not just any chick though, be sure of that.

I need to spend some downtime with my family and do some serious work on my memoir.
I’ve put a snazzy graph on my sidebar so you can keep track of my writing activity (or inactivity, at which time I expect you guys to say, dude, what up?)

I saw the graph on Deb Woehr’s blog and thought, cool; an inspirational tool.

I am making some progress.

I mention the memoir simply because Writer-Chick is a major motivator for me to get the damn thing done. I met her years ago during a brief stint at Writer’s Village University, an online writing website. We immediately connected and became very close friends over the years.

Treat her nice.
She’s almost like a sister to me.
I mean that.

She is undeniably intelligent, unabashedly funny, opinionated, insightful and a wonderful writer in her own right. She’s currently finishing up a novel so this is blogsitting thang is a very huge favor to me.
I would say it’s a ‘ginormous’ favor but my wife hates that word and would kill me if I used it… before my vacation actually begins.

I talked with Writer-Chick tonight and she read me a few titles for some possible posts; oh, yeah, you guys are going to like this.
I will be giving her total administrative power so she will be the temporary Smoke and Mirrors Goddess.

Obviously, I trust her implicitly.

I ask only that you make her feel at home.
But know that she doesn’t need me to stick up for her.
She’s a big girl capable of handling herself.

I wanted to give her the pen name ‘Zephyr’.
She immediately wrote me back and said, “Isn’t that something you’d name your pet ocelot?”
She has a great sense of humor.

This will be my last post for a little while.
I plan on resting, writing alot, sleeping late, drinking some good beer, smoking many cigars, swimming endlessly, wearing sunscreen, eating lobster, finally finishing ‘East of Eden’, spending some time with my wife and daughters and ….hey, I’m getting tired already.

Anywhoo- check back here often and ready yourself for the Writer-Chick.
I am so very excited by the possibilities.

And I’ll be back soon.
That’s a promise…




7 thoughts on “BlogMind and the Writer-Chick

  1. I did notice that you had that over there! I also noticed that since last I looked at it you’ve done 2.21%. Well done! Looking forward to reading your new hostess/godess, i’m sure it’s going to be all good….have fun and take it easy…and turn on the IM program once in a while ok??!!
    Cheers, Kelly


  2. I started a comment, thought I would sound like a psychotic internet stalker, so deleted it and just sent you 15 emails and rang your work instead…is that ok??!

    Take it easy, have no doubts that Deb will do just fine, and being a guest poster over at someone elses blog myself, I understand how hard it can be at times so there’ll be nothing but welcomes and nice stuff from me.

    Looking forward to watching your book stats go up mate (and harassing you when its not increasing!), take it easy, lord knows you’ve earned a bit of a break! Enjoy your family…

    Cheers, Kelly


  3. You forgot something very important in you list of things to do while you are out…………

    “I’ll be watching Eliud’s “Calle54”!!!

    I pray for serenity, peace, laughter, a stroll in the park, plenty of smiles, reflection, a fine cigar, a good book, a great jazz CD, 37 minutes of improvising on the ivories, another fine cigar, lots of rest, and any other thing that brings us closer to being happy.

    God bless you…
    Love you man!


  4. Oh I see what I did now Michael, I read the bit about you seeing the stats thing on Deb’s blog and got that mucked up in my head and thought that she was your guest poster……so keep this in mind when reading the email I just sent ok?
    Cheers, Kelly


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