That's just wrong


Sheila Jackson Lee.
Ahh, have you heard about this black congresswoman?
Oh, you will.
As soon as we get hit with Hurricane Tanisha or Woeisha or Shaqueal, you will know Sheila is in da house and spittin’ out names like a category fo’ storm.
I give up.

Read this


btw- the pic above is from Google Images.
It comes up when you type in the title of this post.
Oddly enough, they’re my words exactly.


6 thoughts on “That's just wrong

  1. That is just ridiculous isn’t it? The funniest part of all this is that pic you found!


    Regarding the pic: yeah, it’s ironic, considering I came down with a nasty case of Montezuma’s Revenge… 




  2. Well, I’m thinking that African-American names sound too…well African-American. I really think we should start a movement to have them re-name themselves something more multi-cultural like…Peace, Love, Honesty, Truth and I dunno Fred or something?

    And what about clowns, I mean what’s up with those clowny names? That has to be disenfranchising somebody – yeah, like the manic-depressives I’ll bet they feel left out at the circus…. I’m going to send a letter to Barnum & Bailey and insist they rename their clowns to Sad-Sack, Crazy-Ass, Poopy-Pants and Moe (a manic depressive if I ever saw one.) And if they don’t why…I’ll sue, yes that’s right Sue – hmmm that’s a little Caucasian…



    Yoiks is right.
    Love the clown thing.
    And you don’t know how to blog?
    Yeah, right. 😉



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