u suck

Just thought I’d give all of you an explanation as to what happened last week with my little problem with BloggyAward.com (BA).

First of all, I have a huge bone to pick with BA mainly because I was indirectly affected by some carelessly used administrative privileges.
When my blog was first reviewed by these guys (boobs), there was an image that accompanied it.
Little did I know that BA had basically linked to the image which was currently stored at an entirely innocuous website: The Dutch Country Players , a theatrical group from Telford, Pennsylvania; a legit organization that don’t need this kind of grief.
Are you with me?

The Dutch Players found out that BA had been linking to them (and their gif image) and for all intents and purposes using it without permission or consent from the DCP.

After repeated attempts by them to contact (like me, grrrr) an administrator to either replace the image or store it on their own server, the Dutch Players decided to get nasty (can you blame them?) and they changed the linked image to something that should have gotten BA’s attention.

Did it work?


Fucking amazing.

Fucking BloggyAwards. Asleep at the wheel.

(& yes, I wrote the “F” word twice)

I was indirectly affected and now you know the real truth why.

I want to give a huge shout out to my friend Gerry who basically investigated this entire ordeal. He tells me that the DCPs have no beef with me—it’s BloggyAward. (what a fucking surprise)

I guess there’s only one thing left to say:
Bloggy Award? I don’t really care what you thought of my blog, good or bad.
You guys suck.
Oh, and thanks for getting back to me, dickheads…



ps. the image is now gone.
Thank you, DCP.
I do feel your pain.


5 thoughts on “Gobsmacked

  1. Glad all worked out Michael.
    And as an old friend of ours “Tee”
    used to say “It’s a Fucked Up Thing.”


    Yes, it is…



  2. Excellent analysis Michael. You are correct. BloggyAwards is essentially a BOT – eg. a website that runs with nobody watching the helm. If you look carefully there is no contact address.

    It puts itself in the center of a giant network of websites. It pulls in links by flattering semi-popular websites with an “award.” It then acquires a highly reliable set of valid email addresses and reasonably active websites. This list can be marketed – and is worth some money.

    I apologize for the crude method I used to stop his bandwidth thievery – but nothing was getting this guys attention. It was never my intention to harm your website – and all is fixed now.

    Best wishes to you Michael.

    Thanks for getting in touch, Puck.
    I’m glad we got to the bottom of it.
    I’ve learned much  in the process…
    I also understand your angst wasn’t directed at me or my blog.
    Be well,



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