thoughts in greyscale

The thick clouds in greyscale, offer up an abbreviated vision of the bleak Boston skyline
and mimic my gunmetal mood
As the roar of the city saturates my grey matter…
like the perpetual rains that soak into the all too marshy ground
The sun don’t lie, but the clouds do
Dormant memories of long forgotten summer days rise and fall; red and yellow buoys in a restless ocean, heaven’s sole mirror
My tired mind wants desperately the tranquility of endless slumber and my eyes begin to close
as the promise of today fades seemlessly into the possibility of tomorrow
…and a sky of deep, blue hope.


ps. this post is my brain mainlining…Charlie Mingus


2 thoughts on “thoughts in greyscale

  1. I shouldn’t such thoughts when it’s so grey and foggy outside, it does my head in…..nice piece Michael.

    As always, thanks.
    You’re my number 1, Kell…. (besides my wife)



  2. “The sun don’t lie but the clouds do”–just wonderful. I hear more each time I read this.

    I’m glad somebody commented on that line.
    It was my absolute favorite.
    I like the way you think, Deb…



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