"America Online customers are upset because the company has decided to allow advertising in its chat rooms. I can see why: You got computer sex, you can download pornography, people are making dates with 10 year-olds.
Hey, what's this? A Pepsi ad?
They're ruining the integrity of the internet!"

~Jay Leno


6 thoughts on “QOD

  1. After watching the catch a perv series on Dateline. I imagine most of these ads will be for Viagra. What a bunch of lowlife scum. It is amazing to me how many of them that there are. The laws certainly need to be tougher on these bungholes.

    I agree Fuzz. Tougher laws.
    I, too, saw the Dateline Internet Predator show.
    Man, that was creepy, huh? I especially liked the guy that was asked, "What would your wife think if she saw this?"
    He just replied, "She would kill me."
    Dude, you're on national TV! Look! Smile! Egads…



  2. I guess since the King of Pop (AKA MJ ) was good enough for Pepsi, then why not chat rooms where children get lured into child pornography,etc. Sometimes by other wackos in chatrooms makes sense in a sick way>


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