Did you ever get a song stuck in your head and can’t get it out
no matter how hard you try?
You can think of naked fat women, old ladies yelling Bingo! and exploding heads, sometimes it just doesn’t matter.
The stupid song is still there, humming softly.
Why can’t it ever be a cool song? Todd Rundgren or Sting or
Bon Jovi (just kidding, no really, just kidding) would do nicely.
Maybe some obscure Monk, Miles or Bill Evans song; almost anything other than what’s currently on cranial repeat, ad naseum.

Alright, I’ll come clean.
Would you like to know what is schwas?
I’ll tell you what it schwas.
You rrready, baby?


It was “My Melody of Love” by Bobby F’N Vinton!
I hate Bobby Vinton.
I don’t even like people that like people that like Bobby Vinton.

You would think that after listening to the Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” album a gazillion times something off that album would have schtuck.
But nooooo….good ole’ BV.

Reminds me of a joke:


A guy goes to the doctor and complains that the song “The Green, Green Grass of Home” keeps playing in his head and it’s driving him nuts.
The doctor says, “Oh, it sounds like a case of Tom Jones Disease.”
“Oh, my God, “says the guy, “I’ve never heard of it before. Is it common?”
“Well,” says the doctor, “It’s not unusual…” (ba-dum-bum)



6 thoughts on “Schtuck

  1. LMAO!! I get that stupid crazy frog who did ringtones stuck in my head and I just want to scream. I find that Indigo Girls or Counting Crows gets rid of it for me 🙂


    Indigo Girls and Counting Crows make me wanna barf.
    Funny how different music does it for some people.
    Very interesting…



  2. Kocham Was Tak (więc) = means that I Love you so
    return to me and always be my melody of Love.

    Thought I’d help you along Bud :O


  3. HA! Funny joke!! Where on earth did you hear the Bobby Vinton song in the first place or did it come out of your subconscious?? I remember from one of my psych classes that that is a way of your mind hypnotizing itself.


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