We'll have a gay ol' time…


I am out straight all weekend so this post will be it, with the exception of an SNL…if you visit the blog, you know what that is.
I’ll be back posting on Monday.

Saturday will find me staring an 18+ hour day in the face. Sunday is much the same just a few less hours.

Tomorrow is the Gay Pride Parade in Boston. There’ll be more LGBT’s on the city streets than you can shake a pogo stick at.
Ten years ago this event would have freaked the bejeezus out of me, now I think I take it in stride.
Whenever I find myself thinking gay people are whack, I think of Fred Phelps and his Westboro Bapstist Church of nutjobs and it makes me realize that people that march in the GPP are just that: people, albeit flamboyant people, covered in pink feathers and holding multi-colored bouquets of Mylar balloons.

While most are fairly normal folks, there’s the faction that feels the need to chant,
“We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going to go away! We’re here….”

You get the gist.

There’s a friend of mine that has the chant down and it’s hysterical.
Takes a certain type, I guess and he does it almost too well.

Parking will absolutely suck but maybe my butt will get pinched walking to the store because I hear that “bald” guys are in now.

One of the guys at work wanted to wear a pair of bright red leather pants with a white belt and pink cowboy shoes.
If you knew the man I was talking about you’d find that vision really funny.

Then again, maybe I’ll just wear my Red Sox hat.
After all, I am a happily married, blatantly heterosexual guy you know.
Have a great weekend all!


(journal landscape courtesy of: The Yellowjackets – Mirage a Trois)



6 thoughts on “We'll have a gay ol' time…

  1. Leigh-

    Don’t know if you’ll see any pics but there might be a story or two. We’ll see what happens.
    I did wear a snazzy pink shirt today…
    Thanks for stopping by.



  2. m,
    Maybe you and your old band mate from ” Cats”
    can hook up for the parade and do your rendition of Right
    Said Fred’s ” I’m To Sexy” 😛


  3. Just can't believe I missed this one. Age is setting in-Just don't give a shit anymore!
    Do what you want and DON'T bother ME!


    A cute little bald guy was asking for you…
    Said something about sharing a pooftah roll? 😉



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