One blogroll, no mustard

I learned a valuable lesson this week: Never send a politically charged "petition" email to all contacts in your address book.
I ended up losing a few friends in the process simply because our politics are invariably different. It's not so much the intent of the forwarded email that bothers me as much as the manner in which it was interpreted and proccessed.
I'm not going to rant or name names because in the final analysis, humankind has bigger and more pressing issues to deal with.
I didn't need to be told that.
I'm a big boy.
Ultimately, I zigged when I should have zagged and carbon copied myself into an inescapable corner; not a comfortable place to be.
I felt like the AFLAC duck trying to cope with a rambling Yogi Berra.
If you've seen the commercial you know where I'm coming from.
I sent out an email apologizing to all that were offended; a cyberspatial bandaid at best but I felt it needed to be done.
I will say that I now know where some folks stand politically and that in the future I'll be standing far away from the salty societal funk and even further away from my computer keyboard where I'll continue to think my own thoughts.
Thank God, I still have the freedom to do that.



9 thoughts on “One blogroll, no mustard

  1. Nothing cheeses people off like politics and religion. I try to keep a sense of humor and a live and let live philosophy about it. But some folks are fanatics to their opinion.


    I found that out the hard way.



  2. m,
    You know what my feelings are on this matter,
    take it with a grain of salt. As for me I am with you on what you sent my way. I got your back bro. And if that means taking one for the team so to speak, I’m there !


  3. Fuzz got it in one, politics and religion can turn people into ugly monsters! Its one reason I tend to steer clear of both subjects on my blog. But the two times I have ventured into religion, my readers, like yourself are totally open minded enough to accept others points of view, and their right to have them. For me thats what it's all about, the freedom to believe what I want to believe without fear of persecution. Unfortunately not everyone does…
    Send anything political my way if you want, I don't understand US politics in the slightest, heck I have trouble with my own countries sometimes with all the to-ing and fro-ing our 'leader' does!
    Cheers, Kelly


    American politics confuses the hell out of me as well.
    Basically, my stance is simply this: I can smell bullshit but they'll never make me eat it.



  4. Friends don’t let politics come between friendships. Guess they weren’t friends to begin with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that should not affect how one person feels about another.


  5. I thought that was the case too, Snot.
    There are other factors here that I choose not to go into out of an assumed mutual respect.
    I’m also assuming the other parties will do the same.
    Then again, I could be wrong.
    Lord knows I’ve been wrong before.



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