Stained Glass

Stained Glass

My middle daughter makes her Confirmation tomorrow.
The rite of passage has been in the works for sometime with meetings, community service and personal reflection as stepping stones.
Her sponsor, Joanie, is an old and dear friend from way back when I lived at home.
She lived across the street from us and was a lifelong friend of my mother making tomorrow bittersweet in some ways because my daughter has chosen “Virginia” to be her Confirmation name; my mother’s name. (with no prodding from me)
I thought about this today because 30+ years ago her husband, Ray, was my Confirmation sponsor. They are very special friends indeed.
It amazes me how the pieces of this puzzle of life fit together sometimes.

After the ceremony, I’m making chicken shish-kebob on the grill with some of my homemade Rice Pilaf and a tossed salad to even things out.

If I could say anything to Jen, I would tell her how proud Pam and I are of her.
We love the fact that her faith is an intrinsic component of her soul, her life.

In the immortal words of Billy Shakespeare I would also tell her,
“Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.”

As a new soldier of Christ, I bless her and leave her with these lyrics…


When you are a soldier

by Steven Curtis Chapman


When you are a soldier, I will be your shield
I will go with you into the battlefield
And when the arrows start to fly
Take my hand and hold on tight
I will be your shield, 'cause I know how it feels
When you are a soldier

When you're tired from running
I will cheer you on
Look beside you and you'll see you're not alone
And when your strength is all but gone
I'll carry you until you're strong
And I will be your shield 'cause I know how it feels
When you're a soldier

I will be the one you can cry your songs to
My eyes will share your tears
And I'll be your friend if you win
Or if you're defeated
Whenever you need me I will be here

When you're lost in darkness I will hold the light
I will help you find your way through the night
I'll remind you of the truth
And keep the flame alive in you
And I will be your shield
'Cause I know how it feels
When you are a soldier

Steven Curtis Chapman – When you are a Soldier

One thought on “Stained Glass

  1. I like the fact that community service is part of the preparation. And I love hearing that your daughter chose your mother's name. When I made my confirmation (lo these many years ago) there was a list of "Catholic" names (saints' names, maybe?) that we had to pick from. Is that still the case?

    Hoping you have a wonderful day tomorrow. The song is nice. Enjoy the shish-kebobs!

    Thanks, Deb.
    I'll let you know how the shish comes out… 



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