A definite maybe

I've decided that as much as I liked the "Hemingway" template this one does more of
what I like.
Yes, call me fickle.
I'm having one of those indecisive days I guess.
Lord knows, we've all been there.
Not sure what to post today so here's a link to George Bush talking about his theories on Global Warming. Give the video a few seconds to buffer.
It's heartwarming.



3 thoughts on “A definite maybe

  1. You know, Michael, I think I like this look better, if only because the links are on the right, rather than the bottom. But that's what's fun about WordPress–you can change your look so easily.


    I agree. There's stuff I really wanted to see and didn't with the other template.
    Thanks for your thoughts.



  2. I dunno, I can see YOU in both of them…but if I had to pick one i'd say this one, but as i've said before, your blog, your way mate! Lord knows I certainly will never complain about constant changes around here, it'd be a bit hypocritical of me wouldn't it?!!


    This template just seems to have everything I want.
    Easy to read and navigate.
    Kind of where I wanted to be in the first place.
    God knows what next week will bring.



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