Somewhere East of Eden


My wife and I sat out on our deck tonight.
It was the first time this year that we got out.
I was smoking a Punch Churchill cigar from Havana and working on three fingers of Ouzo, Pamela was sipping her favorite cocktail; the Rum Swizzle.

Life was good under the all too welcome night sky.

We listened to the singing birds as they drifted off to sleep one by one.
The world grew quiet, as did we.

Conversation trickled in as we talked about our work, the girls, the plants she bought for the undressed backyard; plants she wished she’d bought years ago.

As I scanned the backyard I saw hostas, numerous impatiens and a lone crimson azalea filling in the once empty landscape; it all looked so impossibly gorgeous.

Pamela planted some Bleeding Hearts and Columbine on the side of the house; courtesy of a Home Depot gift card from a dear friend after my mom died.
Out of death, comes life and remembrance, I thought.
My wife has a green thumb and I’ve no doubt these beautiful plants will thrive, much like the daughters she’s been so carefully nurturing all these years.

She tells me, don’t touch the lavender, but I can’t help myself, and I do.

The pure scent of the herb is one of my favorites in her garden.

I smell the fragrance in the palm of my hand and breathe in the royal purple richness of it. And it’s good because it reminds me of her soul; her kindred spirit.

The little garden continues to grow into a place of respite for me; an indelible spot to remember the wonders, loves and most vital things in my life.

And for just a moment, I’m the richest man in the world.




(journal soundtrack: Bobo Stenson – Goodbye )


9 thoughts on “Somewhere East of Eden

  1. Plants are a great way to remember someone too. My step-grandmother has planted a rose for ALL the grandchildren when they were born, and intends on giving them their rose when the appropriate time comes. I think gardens are memory makers….


  2. Kelly-
    Your step-grandmother sounds like a very cool lady.
    I love when someone has the foresight to do something as memorable as that.

    Yeah, first time out. The weather here in New England hasn’t been very conducive to outdoor activity. The thing is, once I’m out on the deck with beer and a few good cigars, you just can’t get me back in…



  3. Reading this, I felt like I was sitting outside, too. New England nights are wonderful, especially after a warm day. And the garden… (sigh) I have a garden at my house and I’ve tried to take a picture of it each summer because, aside from the stalwart perennials, many of the other plants have changed over the years. When I first moved in I wanted to have all the difficult and flashy plants I could get my hands on–delphinium and what-not–but now I love my hosta and my lilac and my morning glory-gone-amok. We have to put up with the N.E. winter and the humidity, I guess, but there are definitely payoffs in our little zone.


  4. You guys rock!!! I love what you both have and how you share it with eachother! You are a very lucky man and Pam is a very lucky woman!! :love:


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