i am the eggman

the eggman

Fifteen years ago I had a full head of hair.
I mean like a “Fabio” head of hair—actually, I was the antithesis of Fabio…along with the muscles. But my hair was shoulder length and I would tie it up in a pony tail ala Steven Segal. I was 100% slicked back and cool.

In the past 6-7 years my hair has been incredibly close-cropped; not a buzz-cut but real close all over my head.
If there was 1/16th of an inch of hair on my coconut, I’d be surprised.
This morning I took it to the nth degree and took a straight edge to the brown, red and grey rubble.
Yup, I’m the eggman.
But there’s something really clean about it.
The only people on my blogroll as bald as me are Ash and Fuzz,  who I’ve no doubt will give me a big thumbs up.
Though my wife regards me as something of a circus clown regarding my naked crown, it’s still me in here. Maybe she needs time to warm up to it.
The best part of it is putting moisturizer all over your noggin. Shweet.
Bald is beautiful, baby. Well, that's what Dick Vitale says.

Either way, I feel like Mr. Clean…




14 thoughts on “i am the eggman

  1. Sometimes when my hair is giving me grief I WISH I could shave it all off – LOL

    You look very nice – I like the sepia tones of the picture!

    I should be mowing, but it is 92 degrees outside here…maybe I will just wait until we do the BBQ for Memorial Day later this evening, (we’ll be driving to more cemeteries tomorrow – gee I have a lot of dead relatives LOL) there will be some shade out there by then.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    (Side note – I must be getting old, or my eyesight is failing, but I had to highlight the post to read it.)


  2. I am bald also and a while back decided to shave my head. I like it this way. I never have to worry about a bad hair day. The first time is a little panicky wondering if your noggin is smooth enough for a shave or if it will be lumpy and bumpy.


  3. Nice, I like it. I started to go bald (and grey) at about the age of 30, now I’m 35 and don’t have much left, so I shave what I have to help it along. 🙂


  4. Marti-
    Go for it. It’s so easy and comfortable in 90+ degree weather!

    The same with me, though I’m now 47.
    I really like it though. We’ll see how long I want to maintain it.
    Maybe it’s just getting used to the routine.



  5. Not too shabby! Nick has a mole on his head, else he would shave his as well I think. Not one of the moles that are easy to get rid of either. He actually paid a guy to photoshop a picture of him to see what he’d look like bald. See…I told you…more than one switch.


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