Northern Lights
Sometimes I come across a site that stops me in my tracks.
I connect with the writing and viewpoint of the author on a level that even I can't quite understand. I believe I found this website via a comment on my friend Marti's
If you have some time, please visit Liz Strauss.
I've spent some considerable time mining her archives and have found some wonderfully insightful writing. Be sure to check out her "early" archives. (july, august 2005)
This was, in her words, the "baby" phase of her blog.
She's also on my blogroll for repeat readers.
One more note: no responds to a comment faster than Liz. 😉
Make sure you tell her where you came from.
Much appreciated.
The Northern Lights are for Liz…
night all,



3 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Thank you for the Northern Lights. They brought a tear. Thank you for all the rest too, but most of all thank you for the Northern Lights, Michael Murphy.


    Gee, you give a woman the Northern Lights and they get all misty eyed… (just kidding)
    You are more than welcome.
    It's well deserved.
    Thanks for the visit.



  2. Liz is fabulous! Her writing moves me to tears sometimes.

    Thanks for the link – I haven’t been making it around my blogroll much lately, but trying to play catch up today.


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