"One ounce, chocrate fravor"

The title of this post is the usual request from a long time Asian customer at the store. Henry has smoked a pipe for God only knows how many years. I've been at the store long enough to know that he smokes either "Dutch Chocolate" or "Tropical Fruit", types of cavendish pipe tobacco. Rewind to yesterday afternoon…

We were incredibly busy because we had a Castello Pipe show at the store.
If you've never heard of Castello and are interested, click here.
These are some of the most asthetically pleasing pipes to grace the face of the earth.
We had over $75,000 worth of briar at the store yesterday.
It was totally nuts.
Henry came in smack dab in the middle of the frenzy and was greeted by a new fellow working in the store.
Said employee snapped his fingers and pointed at Henry saying, "Ok, let's see, Henry…you smoke, um…ah, I know it's a pipe tobacco…Oriental!"
It was a Homer Simpson "GOH!" moment if ever I saw one.
Henry seemed totally unfazed and proclaimed, "One ounce, chocrate fravor," and began laughing as he usually does.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Have a great Sunday…

pipe smoker 



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