Rainbow’s End


What would you do if you were faced with a decision capable of changing someone's life for the better, when the possibility exists that your decision could conceivably make things worse?
One special caveat:
this is not a life or death situation; but an incredibly complex decision to move forward or stay put and do absolutely nothing, a minute travesty in and of itself.

I do apologize for being so cryptic but too much information would ensure multiple emotional casualties.
I pray that someday I can explain it all.
I am living a story I once wrote and to be honest, I'm scared.
I am praying for some wisdom from my visitors, mainly you, the reader.
Please leave some thoughts…anything.
I thank you in advance.


6 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End

  1. Michael, I get the feeling that simply by your ASKING the question, that your leaning towards going ahead despite possible outcomes. I also don't think that you would be able to live with regret in years to come should you choose to do nothing, 'if only' can be the two most haunting words in the world. If it was me, without knowing the full details, I would have to say I would go forward. To stay in one place is sadder than to have never lived at all, and if a decision YOUR making can alter someone elses life for better or worse, then at some point that person has given that power to you by a decision or action of there own. I understand you need to keep this cryptic, but will admit i've responded with a scenario that could apply in mind…I dont know if I've helped at all, but I sincerely hope you find the answers your looking for, but you know that deep down we can't REALLY help with that can we? We can but offer our perspective and hope it makes you see things from a different angle….i'm thinking of you mate…you have my email.

    Thanks, Kel.
    You're a special friend.

    But you knew that anyway… 😉



  2. I would assess the situation, then weigh the pros and cons of the solution(s). If my decision is something I can live with, I’ll make it and deal with the consequences later.

    I hope everything works out okay for you.


  3. By answering, I face the same dilemma. I can not give advice for the answer lies within you. I know that is not much help so I will offer what I have done when faced with a similar problem.

    I am generally a man of action but if my actions would cause as much harm as my inaction, I would have to wonder if it was my conscience being salved or if I was truly trying to make a difference.


  4. Mark and Deb-

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me your thoughts.
    It’s much appreciated.
    I’ll let you know how it all pans out.
    Stay tuned.



  5. I’ve done nothing. Stayed put. And let things happen in their way. And it didn’t work.

    I’ve since become a proponent of doing.

    At least then you can always know that the outcome was not passive, and easily questioned, but rather active, and though possibly difficult, at least sound.

    My thoughts….related directly to my own experience rather than any real understanding or knowledge.


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