Had a strange dream last night involving gnomes of the garden variety.
The kind of freakish creatures you find littering the topography of greater Suburbia.
In the dream, I was in my yard not really doing anything in particular when I got that strange feeling that someone was behind me. I stopped and turned and there he was- the gnome. The unchanging and cherubic faces on these little monsters has always made me feel uneasy. The facial images must exist somewhere in the deep recesses of my unconcious brain.
In my nocturnal wonderland I would quickly turn around again and again to try and catch the little bastard moving. My attempts were futile.
One time I did happen to catch his eyes as they seemed to "snap" back into their sockets.
When I woke up, I remembered only parts of this freakshow of a dream and sighed with relief knowing I'd never purchased one of these gnomes. Or did I?
Dream interpretations are welcome. But if they suggest anything to do with a possible deep seated desire to befriend these little creepy men, mums the word.
I just don't want to know about it.
Weird, huh?



6 thoughts on “Gnomes

  1. Garden gnomes aren’t all that popular here in the desert southwest. Maybe because the desert sun bakes the pain off of them, leaving a cracked and peeling little critter. Very ugly.

    I keep threatening to buy a few gnomes and pink flamingos and set them all over our property. My husband isn’t much amused.


  2. mmmm not sure about dreams…maybe the gnomes represent something in your life your don’t like at the moment that you know is there, but can’t quite see? Or WANT to see??!! Either that or you ate too much icecream before bed!


  3. See, I like garden gnomes. But I can see how people would think that they are creepy. I’ve always wanted a gnome. Did you see The Full Monty? They have a funny scene in there with the garden gnomes.


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