A Dali kind of day


My good friend Charlie had a priceless quote last Friday when we were working together.
It was an incredibly busy day.
He said, “I feel like I’m trapped inside a Dali painting and I can’t get out.”
Damn, I could definitely relate.
Working in a cigar store is so close to the analogy, it’s almost scary.
And there’s a story amidst all the smoke.
If it ever clears, I’ll write it down.
Good call, Charles, deep too…


ps. thanks for the Starbucks, Eliud.

pps. be sure to check out the Virtual Dali link in “Cyberjazz”…


3 thoughts on “A Dali kind of day

  1. Oh man i’m getting tired just thinking about it! That is one awesome picture and if ever trapped in there at least you wouldn’t be bored for quite some time..having said that I do understand the analogy!


  2. Hmm, how did I miss this one? Great pic! Yeah, lost in a dali painting does describe it perfectly but I might add, trapped in a dali painting while being made fun of by Andy Warhol. 😆


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