How’s your placenta?

Does anyone have a yummy recipe for Placenta Cacciatore Stroganoff and meatballs?
Oh, that's right, I have to contact Tom Cruise; the Afterbirth King.
I think Tom has been probed by an alien from the planet Uranus.
They must have damn long fingers because it's obvious his brain has been severely compromised.
I say, put him on a spaceship with Russell Crowe and send them rocketing skyward.
With any luck, they'll kiss a meteor or something.
My wife's observation: Cruise is getting as strange as Michael Jackson.
Hey, maybe Michael has a few recipes…



3 thoughts on “How’s your placenta?

  1. The whole Tom and Katie thing is just getting ridiculous isn't it? I mean how much of it is TRUE, and if it ALL is, it's a little too much info for my liking!

    Yes, Kelly, it's waaaay out of control and that's just the way the National Enquirer likes it! 



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