it is done

I deleted my original weblog at Blogger this morning.
I hesitated before hitting "delete blog"; a prayer of sorts for my maiden voyage in the blogosphere.
For those of you that have changed my link, thank you, and for those of you yet to change it, you hopefully know where I am.
I anticipate some great things happening here at WordPress over the next year.
Stay tuned.


ps. don't forget to visit the "Mystery Blog".
We bloggers love unexpected traffic.
Make sure to tell them where you came from!


4 thoughts on “it is done

  1. Welcome to the big kids table Michael! Funny how something that starts off so simply can become such a part of how we express ourselves to the point where it constantly grows and evolves with us…at least that how I see it anyway. Blogs are a reflection of who we are. I think this one will continue to grow and evolve right along with you. I'm still looking forward to the journey. BTW, thanks for you lovely thoughts on my recent post…it really was appreciated 🙂

    As always, thanks for the visit, Kelly.



  2. You are much braver than I…how did you get your other posts over? Hopefully not a copy and paste…

    Hey Lass-

    WordPress has an "import" feature that allows you to move all posts and comments from Blogger.
    You lose any HTML or Javascript that you did but WP doesn't allow alot of stuff anyway.
    The blogging program itself is fairly intuitive and self-explanatory (except for the use of "widgets", a micro-app that allows you to add things to your sidebar…)
    Anywhoo, I really like the site, though it was down for most of Easter (a rare occurence)
    Any more questions, let me know.



  3. I couldn't get myself to remove my old blogger blog. I left it there, changed the title to 'The old blog of Benjamin Solah.' I still get traffic to my new blog from it.

    The wordpress blog looks good. It's clean and easy to read. If only the free version allowed customization.

    Thanks for the visit, Ben.
    And yes, if only WP allowed more customization.
    More time to write, I guess…



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