I realized yesterday how much this blog means to me.
It started around 8am or so when I clicked on my Smoke and Mirrors bookmark.
Hmm. Nothing there except my template. Ahh, probably some internet junk in my computer's cache. Clear it out and I'll be good to go.
I even logged in.
Baaaad decision.
No posts, links or comments.
Just a frickin' empty template.
Needless to say, I was in a tizzy all day wondering what was up.
My family can attest to the fact that I was at the computer in 15 minute intervals, sighing, swearing and oh my God-ing my way through the afternoon.
"Chill out, Dad. Jeez…"
Don't they understand how much time I've put into this?
This is one serious time investment, my time.
Finally, at @2:30pm a blanket statement by WordPress appeared at my site saying that yes, there was a glitch that needed to be straightened out and that everything would be up and running soon.
I went to bed at 9, tired of the repeated openings of my Firefox browser.
It seems that things are working right now.
I'm crossing my fingers…with the cooling pot of tizzy still simmering on the backburner.



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