Please just go away, legally

I’ve had it with the “illegal” immigration issue.
“Oh, but your ancestors were immigrants.”
Yes, they were. I think the key term here is “immigrant”, not “freeloader”. There’s a difference.
I can’t help but wonder if the ungodly amount of money I paid last year in health insurance premiums isn’t due to the fact that a large portion of these morons use American Emergency Rooms for their primary source of health care. Again, the key term here is “American”.
Is there any politician out there that has the stones to say, “enough is enough”?
I didn’t think so.
Here’s to the imaginary rain that I hope pours on every single parade today.
Holy Guacamole, I have had it. Let the deluge begin.



7 thoughts on “Please just go away, legally

  1. Not only are we paying for these illegals but the Welfare junkies. They get all the help available, but we’re SOL if we have the misfortune of losing our jobs. I’ve had it, too, Michael.


  2. If they want to stay here and work for $2/hr, then do so legally. My family came over on the boat LEGALLY and worked hard for what all of us have today.
    Send them all back and then lock down the border. Then those that want to be here, can come back legally. Don’t illegally sneak into our country then expect to reap our benefits. When they return, they must speak English, leave the Spanish at home. If it’s their right to speak Spanish, then why isn’t the entire U.S. speaking, Italian, Polish, Czech, German etc from our ancestors?


  3. I have no problem with people who come here LEGALLY, my problem is with those who come illegally and drain our healthcare. And people wonder why healthcare is soooo expensive??

    I’m totally with you Michael on this one!



  4. I think these politicians have forgotten what the term illegal means when it comes to immigration. Maybe they will forget more things and NORML can have their way.


  5. Its getting like that here too, a few years back a women who was a bit rough around the edges got the whole immigration thing on the front page with her party ‘One Nation.’ Unfortunately people took her policy of ‘don’t let anymore in’ totally out of context and thought she was trying to introduce a white australia policy when all she was trying to say was we can’t look after the ones we have, why the heck do we keep letting more in??!!
    Oh by the way your rss feed isn’t working properly at the moment, I can’t see any post after the Imagine. Create. Flow. one, I tried unsubbing and resubscribing and it still isnt showing, so I haven’t been snobbing you, just didn’t know you were posting!!

    The RSS feed should be functional now. I believe it wasn’t enabled.
    Try it and let me know.


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