Marti made me do it

Just thought I'd give WordPress a go.
Marti from Enter the laughter made me do it. (smiling)
If you're visiting for the first time look around and get comfortable. There's much to be discovered here. If you're a visitor from my original Smoke and Mirrors blog, be patient. There's still a ton of work to do here before I'll feel comfortable.
With WordPress, there will be less screwing around with HTML, my silly and all too busy sidebar, Google Adsense and so on.
Ultimately, it will leave me more time for writing.
Good for me, better for you. I hope.
And it's off I go…


3 thoughts on “Marti made me do it

  1. (…slips firearm into back pocket..looks up innocently…) Huh? Moi?


    I wish you all the best, M. I love this design. I’m looking forward to learning more about themes and WordPress in general, to make best use of the technology.

    Best wishes to you, and thank you for the link!

    Marti, the old dog learning new tricks.


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