Nobody told me there'd be days like these…

Strange day in Boston. TODAY.
You never know when it's your time.
I'm sure these people had no idea.
This happened on a busy Boylston Street when many folks were out to lunch. It's amazing only three people died.
I guess that's three too many anyway.
Glad I made it home.


6 thoughts on “Nobody told me there'd be days like these…

  1. Michael, I saw that on the news and immediately thought of you. Everyone goes about their day thinking there will be a tomorrow. But with freak accidents such as this, you never know when it could be your time to go.


  2. I left for lunch yesterday around 1:15. Most days I walk to a particular place for lunch that would have taken me right there.
    God made me bring lunch yesterday, taking me in a totally different direction. Makes you think, huh?



  3. I’ve had a recent situation that’s taking me in a completely different direction. Sometimes when you’re not paying attention you are given an about face whether you like it or not. Glad you packed yesterday!


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