The Pickler

Alright, I watch American Idol.
I'm not proud of the fact.
But my wife and daughters make me watch it.
This gilr can sing, she's cute as a button and funny to boot.
Just vote for her so we can lose Ace and the Doogie Howser-looking kid with the glasses.
Just do it for the Pickler.



6 thoughts on “The Pickler

  1. They make you watch it? Why am I not believing you? 😀

    I watched American Idol when Diana DiGarmo and Fantasia were competing with each other. But I came into it near the end of the season, and I had to watch it in another room because my husband doesn’t like singing shows.

    Anyway, I think you’re right in that they determine who will ultimately win in the beginning. The majority of the season is a formality.


  2. Sorry, but I bail on AI after the really awful singers–in the early auditions–leave the stage.

    To be honest, all the contestants, from season one to now, sort of blur into one perky, hopeful generic singer.

    Reality TV isn’t my “thang.”


  3. Sorry, we’re already on the soul patrol train…gone-gray-while-still in-his-20’s, I-sing-soul-even-though-I’m-a-white-guy, Taylor Hicks.


    Best wishes!


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