Nano’s and Mini’s and Itunes, oh my

I hate Saturday trains. They’re crowded with a repulsive number of loud and obnoxious families traveling with offspring that need to be made into a kiddie stew.

Thank the technological Gods for my Ipod: the keeper of my sometimes fragile sanity.

I spend between 12-15 hours on the train to and from Boston each week and my current Ipod Shuffle (512MGs) only has enough memory for @115 songs. Sounds like a lot, right? You wouldn’t believe how fast you get sick of 115 tunes. I finally broke down and ordered an Ipod Nano the other night. (tax refunds are nice sometimes, huh?)

It has 2GB of memory or @500 songs. The listening options will undoubtedly make my head spin compared to my Shuffle.


The technology is just amazing; evil, but amazing.

If you’re not familiar with Itunes, on the left sidebar there’s a little banner that says “Radio”.

When you click on the banner, a genre list opens up with 15-30+ internet streams; commercial free, CD quality digital sound. Do you pay extra money for this feature? Hell, no. (Rooooocy, you got some splainin’ to do!)


This is how insidious the program is: you’re listening to Sky.FM and you hear a song you really like. You just have to gaze at the top of the Itunes program. There you will find not only the artist, but the song title as well scrolling across the screen. Gotta have it, right?

Click on “Music Store” and do a power search on the song title.


Whoop, there it is.


And it’s only 99¢.


One more click and the song automatically downloads into your Itunes library. It’s primitive impulse and at less than a buck for a song I can only imagine that it’s more addictive than smack. I like the fact that you can be selective when choosing specific songs off an album. There aren’t many albums out there these days where every track is a keeper. My opinion though.

You have the option of keeping a credit card on file in your Itunes account (really evil) or you can load up with an Itunes Music Card and get your fix without the plastic guilt.

For those reading this post that already own an Ipod….oh, that’s right you left five minutes ago. Can’t say I blame you.

If you’re on the edge and thinking about getting one these MP3 players, the Ipod is worthy of the investment. And no, I’m not getting anything for this Apple plug. Just knowing how many times my Ipod has saved my crumbling sanity seems payment enough. Did I mention I hate Saturday trains?










5 thoughts on “Nano’s and Mini’s and Itunes, oh my

  1. Welcome to digital music and hope you enjoy your new toy! Let’s hope we can keep the grubby, greedy, record industry execs at bay. They’ve recently been pounding on the doors of digital download companies trying to raise prices from the current .99. Their excuse, ‘not making enough money’ of course.


  2. Not something i’ve ever been interested in, but then I don’t have to ride saturday trains either 🙂 I will admit I download most of my music purchase though, legally purchased even!


  3. I couldn’t imagine being without my
    Dell Digit DJ’s either. I used to drive a van of let’s say behavioral problem kids 3 hours a day. What was I thinking. Brought the MP3 player on the way in we listened to Hip-Hop
    Had my share of Eminem for a bit.I had my favorites on it for the ride back from Rutland. Let me tell ya Mike 20 gigs of space is more than I will ever use up. I have to admitt I still listen to Eminem now and then
    Now I have it setup in my vehicle so it plays through the stereo in it


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