Kiss me

It was an uneventful St. Paddy's Day; no splash monkeys, no one doing the 8-Vodka weave.
Funniest thing I saw that day was a t-shirt worn by a guy at a popular watering hole on Boylston Street. His t-shirt read: "Kiss me. I'm a drunken asshole."
There's always next year.

8 thoughts on “Kiss me

  1. He would get a kiss from me with that shirt on! I love it!! I went out on St. Pat’s and it was unbelievably packed. I went to a new place not far from here and the fish and chips were outstanding. Better than any I’ve had even across the pond!


  2. Carn-
    Fish and chips for you and corned beef for me. Actually, I’ll eat your corned beef.

    There’s always next year!

    Honesty does rock. For this guy, so did the Guinness.



  3. FUZZBOX: No way do you have that t-shirt! I say that all the time because I saw it on a t-shirt in NYC. I’ve just never had the guts to buy the shirt and wear it. I love a word that can be used in all parts of a sentance!! It’s so versatile.

    Michael, thanks for taking the corned beef off my hands!


  4. Fuzz-
    Heard a drunk woman say that exact thing to her boytoy/husband outside of IHOP late one Saturday night (years ago) I was with the drummer of the band that I was in at the time and he looked at me and uttered, “what the hell does fucking fuck mean?”
    We laughed all through the crappy latenight breakfast.


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