Green beer and Curveballs

I’ve been busy the past few days finishing a story that’s long overdue for its journey out into the world. I’ve re-read, re-written, edited and re-edited to the point where I think I’m doing the piece more harm than good. I’ve spent 1 ½ years working on a 4,000 word short memoir/essay; I am out of my frickin’ mind.

Well, I finally let it go yesterday and yet I’m still wondering if it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it.
The truth is, maybe I never will be.
It’s always been difficult for me to know when a piece of writing is done. There is no formula, book or mystical trick that will ever make that decision a viable possibility. Insecurity and doubt always manage to slip a foot in the door (is that my censor?) usually sending my thought process into a literary tailspin.

I don’t plan on posting the story here because it’s too damn long for the blog.
I will tell you it’s a story about my father called “Curveball”.
The basic gist of the story involves the game of baseball.
I’ve always had a hard time communicating with my father; a problem exacerbated by Alzheimer’s. At the time, the only interest left in the man was baseball, mainly the Boston Red Sox. It was logical common ground and I could find a way to talk to him by watching the Sox and reporting back to Dad.
In the process, a funny thing happened; I rediscovered my lost love for the game of baseball and ultimately found a great way to reach my Dad.
My wife and daughters are now major league Sox fans, and that’s a beautiful thing.
In case you’re wondering, yes, I cried like a little sissy at the end of “Field of Dreams”…


A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

(especially to my Madre, wherever you are)

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad…

(a light heart lives longest)



4 thoughts on “Green beer and Curveballs

  1. Big time congrats on wrapping that up. I also find it hard to stop editing, as if there is “perfection” in writing … in a case liek this, it’s good to let go finally and see if the ship sails.

    Happy St. Pat’s!

    — david


  2. I’m a slow writer, so it isn’t unusual for me to take months on a short story.

    Plus, I usually have a couple going at once, so I’m pinging back and forth between stories.


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