Just say Moe

When in God’s name will all the Muslim Madness stop?
I just read a small piece in the Metro about this Iranian whackjob that ran down nine students in the Pit at UNC.
Supposedly, the act was in retribution for the way Muslims are treated in the US.
IMHO, if you continue to run us down with cars/trucks, blow up our buildings and hijack our planes, how do you want us to react?


Oh, right, it should be more like this: “Come on over the house, Tourak, we got a bitchin’ goat roast happening tonight. Yeah, bring the kids and the wives.”


In the press photo, this smug little bastard was actually smiling for the camera, as if to say, yeah, I did it (and yeah, I’d do it again).
$5.5 million dollars bail and nine counts of attempted murder have removed this useless piece of garbage from the UNC campus.
Can’t we just say, “Guilty!” and throw this douchebag face first into a tree thresher?

I don’t know about you but I’d pay money to be able to Tivo that.

No, we don’t need racial profiling now, do we?
We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s wittle feewings, now would we?

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar (is that a name or a Middle Eastern appetizer?) wanted to punish the US Government for their actions around the world and did so using classmates as targets. It’s the wrong way to make friends around here, buddy. We're sorry you snuck under the radar.

Where’s the love, Moe? Where is the love?

Thank God, I’m not a judge.

My verdict: Guilty.

Sentence: Death. By perpetual viewings of “Charles in Charge”.




5 thoughts on “Just say Moe

  1. The weird thing is the complete lack of outrage. If it would have been some radical fundamentalist Christian running over a group of Muslims. The riots would be in full swing.


  2. Ditto fuzzbox. We have much more common sense and restraint. Let’s start a riot and go blow up some Muslim mosques in response to this situation. Then let’s see their reaction.


  3. Fuzz & Snot-
    Your insight is inspiring, intelligent and right on the money.
    I’ve thought recently about a scenario where some cartoonist draws a depiction of Christ in some strange and compromising position. Outrage would overwhelm the editor’s Inbox. After two weeks or so, it would stop and life would get back to normal. End of story.
    Thanks for the comments, guys.



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