32 Hail Mary's

Before I begin blogging about the trip itself, I must mention the flight into Tegucigalpa.
I’d heard from a number of people that the landing is a bit on the rough side.
About five minutes before we were scheduled to land the Captain came on and said this:


“This is Captain Blah-Blah (can’t remember his name). If you’ve never flown into Honduras before the landing is a bit different than anything you may have experienced before. (that was a frickin’ understatement) You can expect sudden drops in altitude, a lot of bumps, a violent landing and very aggressive braking. But don’t worry folks, we do this every day. Attendants, prepare for landing.”


Violent, sudden and aggressive are three words I never want to associate with an airplane.






He no sooner made the announcement when the plane began plummeting to the ground like a cast iron safe.
You know that sensation you get when it feels like the bottom of the plane is dropping out of the sky?
Yeah, that one.
Usually, the sensation is short-lived but this time it felt as if it would go on forever.
It finally stopped with the heavy thud of the plane’s wheels on the REALLY, REALLY SHORT runway.

Aggressive braking?

I’d call it a “say hello to the contents of your lower GI tract” kind of braking.

I was sitting next to a seasoned traveler that had flown to Honduras before.

He turned to me and said, “That was a lot better than the last time I flew in.”

Knowing I’d just avoided a major life crisis on the airport runway, I began laughing. . . crazy-out-of-my-cotton-frickin’-mind laughing.

I’d made it to Honduras.

It must have been the 32 Hail Mary’s.

Now where’s the damn beer?

Pics are coming soon…





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