Please hand me my blogroll

I've finally alphabetized my blogroll. (Wow, what a day)
It's right up there with re-arranging my sock drawer but it was driving me nuts.
I've trimmed a few links and have more to add.
Make sure you pay a visit to the Mystery Blog.
I find it amazing that I've yet to get any acknowledgement from the two links I posted so far.
Do bloggers that visit here check Technorati on a daily basis?
I would think you want to know who is linking to you.
And if they do give you a link, at least have the decency to dash off an email and say, "thanks".
Jeepers, it's common courtesy. Or am I nuts?
Alright, don't answer so fast, huh?

evening all,



6 thoughts on “Please hand me my blogroll

  1. Oh it looks so pretty now! Next I want to see a pic of that nice neat sock drawer ok??
    Common courtesy is apparently not needed when dealing with cyber people i’m slowly learning…very sad really. I wonder if they treat people like that in real life?


  2. Mike– has a great tool to put on your website that’ll organize them all for you. You should check it out. (I’ve got it on mine if you want a snapshot).


  3. I check my technorati links about once a week. I have noticed that technorati doesn’t always pick up all links.

    I don’t think I’ve ever emailed anyone. I just add a reciprocal link to my blog and make a point to drop by the other person’s blog.

    I do know, that in the past couple of weeks, I’ve missed a couple of new links and need to go back and do some updates.

    Maybe the folks who haven’t acknowledged you haven’t realized you’ve linked to them?


  4. I appreciate the link!

    I’ve been trying to slay the PDF/FTP and any other alphabetical monsters I’ve encountered, and haven’t had a chance to do much else – LOL!


  5. Hey Pat-
    I check Technorati almost daily. It takes 30 seconds of my time and I want to know if there’s anyone I need to thank. Just me, I guess.
    I understand that Technorati doesn’t update all the time but these links have been sitting on my blog for 5-7 days. I’m not looking for much here, just a quick “thanks for the link”. I’m not even looking for a linkback.
    A few months ago I linked to The Martian Anthropologist not expecting anything in return. The MA blog is a very busy blog. In less than two days, he not only responded, but linked me. Pretty cool guy. And a very nice increase in my traffic. Sorry I’m so long-winded here but it’s the little things like this that tend to piss me off. Don’t know why…maybe it’s just me.
    Like I say to my kids, if someone does something nice for you, say “thank you”. It’s common courtesy.
    Ultimately, we’re all in this together.
    Thanks for the comment. Always appreciated.



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