Here in the Northeast we’re bracing for what’s to be the first substantial snowstorm of the abnormally quiet winter season. It’s supposed to hit later tonight and last through most of tomorrow. I’ve got a few Cuban cigars sitting in my humidor and some Newcastle Brown Ale in the fridge so I’m more than ready.
What is it about Nor'easters that make 89% of the NE population crave milk and bread?


“Hey, honey? We’re looking at about 14” of the white stuff here. We may not be able to dig out until noon. How many gallons of milk and loaves of bread do you want?”


Judging from the hordes of aimlessly wandering people at the supermarket one could be led to believe that something big is about to happen. Last time they predicted a significant snow event the low pressure system scooted south and missed us entirely. Oops. Sorry.

Overstocked with enough bread, milk and eggs to feed the entire Midwest, most folks got out the cookbooks and looked up recipes for French toast and omelets. . . boatloads of French toast. . . and omelets up the ass.

But how much bread do you really need? And how much milk can you actually drink?

Beer, however, is an entirely different essential altogether.
I'm thinking the supermarkets and the weather guys are in cahoots. Forecast a storm and everybody wins. Well, almost everybody.
Instead of a sixer, maybe I should have bought a case. . .




5 thoughts on “Nor’easter

  1. Some goes around here. I usually don’t even bother with the grocery store but instead make sure I have enough soda and booze to last me a while. I never have bread in the house, rarely do I have milk. Like we’d ever get that much snow that no one would be able to move for days. Give me a break!


  2. You forgot the bloacks of toilet paper Northeasterners haord when there’s a report of a blizzard coming. My favorite is how Washington DC shuts down paralyzed even with like 2 inches of snow. They only have one snowplow and people panic. 🙂
    Thanks for your great words by the way!


  3. Oh yeah, a six is definitely not going to be enough! A case makes you well prepared and keeps you in stock lest the storm not be as severe as originally predicted. No need to buy extra ice either or clean out the fridge…just leave it on the patio…perfect beer temp!


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