Soopah Doopah

I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl on Sunday but I did see several things worth mentioning.

What was up with the Star Strangled Banner?
Aaron Neville sounded like a puppy that had just been hit by a car and Aretha seemed to be riffing on a song from her “Freeway of Love” days.
Those days are O-V-A, Ree.
It seemed to me to be just another poor example of the total bastardization of our national anthem. There wasn’t one melody line that was sung straight.
Neville and Franklin certainly aren’t the first people to improv the song into something the public ear deems unrecognizable.
It’s difficult enough to sing anyway you slice it.
So to all vocalists: just sing the damn song straight and cut out all the improvisational bullshit. It’s an anthem for God’s sake, not a friggin’ jam session.
Francis Scott Key must have been spinning in his grave faster than a pinwheel in a hurricane.
If I wrote the song, I would be too.
Of course, I’d be dead, but…



Shouldn’t the Rolling Stones be rolling into an Odd Fellows Home by now?
They certainly don’t need the money.
Granted, Jagger was energetic and animated as hell for a soon to be AARP candidate but I couldn’t help but think, man, these guys are old.
I think Keith Richards actually died in the eighties; they just keep him going through a complex combination of wires and pulleys. Kind of “Weekend at Bernie’s” meets “Spinal Tap” thing.
Ron Wood had the appearance of a wax statue in some archaic cobwebbed museum.
Charlie Watts was programmed with his perpetual and static rhythm loop.
Playing Rock and Roll used to be spontaneous for the Stones.
Sunday night’s performance was anything but. To me, it smacked of pomposity and preconceived orchestration. The boys had no soul. Nada. Zilch.
IMHO, they have ultimately given up the ghost.



As far as the game goes, Pittsburg fans should be proud.
I was in bed halfway through the third quarter, partly because I’m up so early on Monday morning but mostly because the game was pretty much over by then.
I think most Pitt fans would agree that the score really should have been 21-17.
Questionable officiating was the real culprit.
Ultimately, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game but it may have saved a few Seahawk fans from contemplating suicide.




ps. the pic is possibly the Rolling Stones in about 50 years


One thought on “Soopah Doopah

  1. Agreed! I couldn’t get past that weird cross tattoo that Aaron Neville has on his face. It’s just so….weird! And Aretha took over the whole song, why was Aaron there in the first place?

    The Stones…BORING! And to think they played in Hershey, PA last summer and had the audacity to charge over $300.00 for the good seats.

    Everything about the Stupid Bowl was boring. Too bad it was the first Steeler win in a long time. I was hoping for something more eventful.


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