Amo Honduras !

I got my new passport by Priority Mail today.
I’m flying to Honduras at the end of the month compliments of the Rocky Patel Cigar Co. and my old passport had expired.
I’ll be staying somewhere around Danli where I’ll see the cigar go from seed to finished product.
I’ll probably learn to roll a few myself while I’m there.
Personally, I love the RP Sungrown Toro, a medium to full-bodied cigar bursting with flavor. If you smoke cigars and like something a bit stronger, I highly recommend it.
Pair it with a glass of Scotch, Bourbon or a nice dark beer (yes, Guinness works) and you will be in heaven.

My wife has always pretty much let me do my thang so when I approached her about going to Honduras is basically went like this:


“I have a chance to go to Honduras. What do you think?”


“Do you want to go?”




“Then, go. (pause) Is it dangerous?”


“It’s a third world country, kiddo, of course it’s dangerous. Machine guns, guerillas, political and social upheaval, you know…I’ll be fine.”


“Oh, great.”


As it turns out, I’m traveling with a good friend that’s 6’3”, 235lbs. and he’s solid as a frickin’ rock. He’s also a police officer in the greater Boston area.
Basically, he’s one tough bastard. Funny, too. When I told him I was going he said, “Do you want a bodyguard?”
He was dead serious (more about going than the bodyguard thing) so I made some calls and got him booked on our flight. He’s actually sitting in the seat next to me. How good is that? Needless to say I am very excited. And I have a great, big bodyguard.


Not sure if I can blog from Honduras but Lord knows, I’ll try.
I will be taking many pictures and hopefully journaling a bit of the trip.
Look forward to many Honduran posts in the not too distant future.
I guess that’s all for tonight.
Enjoy the Super Bowl.
I will be working all day.
And if you’re wondering, no, I don’t care who wins the game (go, Seattle!) but I do hope I see a commercial or two. . .



5 thoughts on “Passport

  1. Neat. Sounds pretty cool. I imagine Honduras isn’t the safest travel locale in the world–but hey, it’s not Iraq–but I doubt that it’s that bad either. Just not the tidy, safe world us westerners are used to.

    Post some pics when you get back. Er, please.


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