roto-rooter Thursday

It's my day off and right now I'm going to an endo guy for a root canal.
Granted, this procedure will alleivate much in the way of future pain and grief but I can't stand them. Can't stand the thought of them.
Yes, I've had my share of them, probably some of yours as well.
Talk about a sadistic dental procedure.
It's no wonder they all wear masks.
Time to go get numb.
I've been a good boy so maybe I'll get a "clown nose" (nitrous oxide).



4 thoughts on “roto-rooter Thursday

  1. dental work sucks don’t it? I haven’t been since I had my braces taken off…which was so long ago…too long.
    you have to love the clown nose though. I used that a lot while in labor with Zoe!! Hope it went well


  2. Ew, ew, ew!!! I’ve only had one of those in my life and hope to never have to have one again!

    Although I work with a woman that is getting her first colonoscopy today. Can’t decide which is worse!

    Hope you’re feeling better!


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