At the end of February, my blog turns one.
18 links, 250+ posts and 5,867 hits later and I’m still here.

And still blogging.

This whole thing started after some endless prodding by my buddy Patrick (or Mandingo, as I like to call him).
I love everything about my blog and see no end in sight in terms of thoughts and ideas for it.
For the readers here, you’re stuck with me for at least another year.

I’ve also ended S&M’s first year with a publication in The 2006 Writer’s Blog Anthology, a collection of notable writing from the past year. I am thrilled to be included.
Please check it out. There are some great stories here.
Oddly enough, I landed in the category, “humor”.
Go figure.

Kudos to Deborah Woehr for putting the anthology together.
Deb writes and co-ordinates several writing websites so it’s no surprise she’s a fabulous writer herself.
Please give her a visit sometime.

I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank all that have visited and commented.
Not only have you enriched my life but you’ve made me look at myself and change my thinking and views of the world.
Change is good, I guess.

One thing that won’t change will be my presence here in my little corner of the blogosphere.
I have so many more stories to tell you.

One last thing: thanks, Mandingo. I think you created a monster.




ps. any guesses on the pic at the top?

pps. it's the tip of a ballpoint pen!


8 thoughts on “One

  1. well done on sticking with it and showing us newbies how it’s done. I’m setting my blogging goals a week at a time…hehehe with Zoe at school now I might be able to do it! I can only hope i’m still here in 12 months…
    as for the pic, it looks like one of this big rolly ball instead of a mouse things my sis has on her computer!


  2. Good work on the Writer’s Blog Anthology. Your winning post inpired me to follow up with a post on Blogging disorders as well that others seemed to enjoy. Happy 1st Anniversary!


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