Remember this picture?

Monday was nothing like I’d planned.
My last name is Murphy. Go figure.
It was snowing ever so lightly when I went out to my truck at 5:45 this morning.
No big deal. I didn’t even bother to brush my truck off.
It was a bit slow going to the train station but other than that (and the fact that I got a crappy night’s sleep) it seemed like a fairly normal Monday.
One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes, when you least expect it, things get worse.
The name’s Murphy, remember?

There are things that throw you off track though.

The train stopped at Yawkey (Fenway Park Station) and I looked out the window surprised to see the outfield lights were on. The illuminated snowflakes took on the appearance of monstrous, moving Venetian blinds as the lights cut the swath of snow into precise and surreal lines. Very nice.

I was opening the store and usually get there early if only to have a cup of coffee or check my email. Upon opening the door, I heard water.
And no, it wasn’t an insignificant drip, and it wasn’t soft like a country brook—no, this sound fell into the category called “tropical rainforest / monsoon-type”.
The kind of “water sounds” you can buy at Brookstone on a cassette for relaxation.
Obviously, at 7:35am, this sound was anything but relaxing to me.
I locked the door behind me and turned on some lights to see just what the hell was going on.

I looked in amazement at the water dripping from everywhere.
It was falling at a rate I won’t soon forget.

“Oh – My – God,” was all I could say as I stood there gaping, my mouth open like some left over Anna Lee doll. Suddenly, I heard something above me falling and jumped out of the way as a sizeable piece of plaster smashed on the floor.

Now I’m awake. Didn’t need that coffee after all.

Thank God for my “cat-like” reflexes. (jk)

All I could think of was Yogi Berra’s classic line, “It’s like deja-vu all over again.”

It’s PU all over again . . .

Click on the pic, you'll see what I mean.




6 thoughts on “Remember this picture?

  1. You should check the guiness book of world records….you’re the only person that I know that this has happened to twice. You’re quite the “shit magnet”. 😉 Hope you’re ok and things at the store are getting straightened up!


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