Veggie Oil Cars

A good friend of mine is currently driving a car powered solely by vegetable oil.
Sounds crazy, but believe me, it's super economical and environmentally beneficial.
Although, the exhaust smells like fried dough. My daughters would love it.
There's much more info included in the link below. Check it out.
BTW- Colin tunes pianos as well. He's a great tuner. . .

Veggie Car


8 thoughts on “Veggie Oil Cars

  1. TY for visiting my blog and commenting there and of course, a big TY for the idea and link! Sharing is everything, the way of the future, etc. (I’m on the Left Coast and have no piano but would call Colin if I could.)


  2. Carnealian-
    The player piano is a horse of a different color if only because of the basic playing mechanism. It must get in the way or cause some other type of problem for the tuner. Next time I see Colin, I’ll ask.



  3. Carnelian,

    Colin here-
    The player mechanism does get in the way much of the time for tuning, though it isn’t impossible. The problem is more in replacing or repairing the action of the piano itself. Trying to remove old rubber hoses and such to get at the action is opening a can of worms. The tuning itself isn’t too difficult but I understand why some would avoid it.


  4. The ads by Gooooogle on the right side of this page cracked me up. Biodiesel is chemically altered vegetable oil using the wonderful household chemicals lye and methanol – fun stuff to have around the house. Biodiesel websites sound great and make a lot of claims that aren’t always very realistic. I use straight vegetable oil, just pour the Mazola right into the tank! My oil is free, doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemicals, and it smells like felafel.


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