The Almighty Quinzilla

I’m really starting to get irritated with this Quinzilla crapola.
Do I really need to know what type of soul I have?
If I was a zit, what kind would I be? A whitehead? A blackhead? (sorry, too racial)
If I was a piece of dog doo in Central park, would I be steamy and wet or hard as a rock and multi-colored?
Oooh, please let me get my hands on that quiz.
Alright, I admit to posting one stoopid little Quinzilla thingy a while back.
I had a moment of weakness.
I’m only human. (and yes, I’ll be deleting that very post after this one leaves my desktop.)
Just ranting here (and sick of assinine Quinzilla quizzes)
What Gilmore girl am I? Hopefully the one that’s smart enough to stay the hell away from anything associated with these goofballs. OMG.
I’d love to sit in on a brainstorming session with these guys.


Blogthings isn’t too far behind the schmuckers at Quinzilla.

like this:

What kind of pie are you?

Oh, man…They really don’t want to know my answer to that one. Believe me.


3 thoughts on “The Almighty Quinzilla

  1. Hey, they might actually be remotely interesting if they had one’s like you said: what kind of dog doo am I? LOL! I hate those things. Though I too have fell prey to them a couple of times out of sheer, ultimate boredom :oP


  2. I always love a good quiz when I’m at work and don’t want to work. But other than that…I rarely do ’em. But think about the millions of people that live by them on a daily basis! Scary!


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