14 Signs you may be suffering from a BCD
(Blogger Compulsive Disorder)

#14) You know what the phrase “I got Dooced today” means.

#13) You are proud of the fact that you can use conditional tags.

#12) You know what ‘HTML’ stands for.

#11) WWJKD? (What would Jason Kottke do?)

#10) You wake up in the middle of the night with a sudden urge to “ping” your blog.

#9) You’ve flirted with the idea of having your URL permanently tattooed on your forehead. (don’t laugh, it will happen, not to me but…)

#8) You know what a URL is and you’re not afraid to use one.

#7) You experience “blog envy” on a daily basis (sometimes hourly)

#6) You love Technorati. You hate Technorati. (repeat Ad Nauseum)

#5) The phrase “I have a blog, ‘ya know,” finds its way into the most mundane conversations.

#4) You utter, “I am sooo blogging that…” when any catastrophe happens, personal or otherwise, ex., a tree falls and shatters your car windshield. A post on your blog let’s readers feel your pain.

#3) New unbridled enthusiasm reading daily email hoping the content may be groundbreaking fodder for a new original post.

#2) You know that the Martian Anthropologist isn’t really an alien at all, or is he? He sure posts a lot for a human…

#1) You keep repeating, “CSS is my friend, CSS is my friend…”



22 thoughts on “BCD

  1. LOL, how very true 🙂

    Thanks for blogmarking me yesterday. The next round of crazy reviews and promotions begins tomorrow so please feel free to submit your blog – it only costs a joke, quote or fact! 🙂


  2. 2/21/06
    Oh dear, I am in b-i-g trouble (checkmarks on all – LOL)

    I read this before and didn’t comment, so I am delighted to get a second chance! Great post!

    I am reading all of the WBA entries, and enjoying the journey very much.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Pahahaaaaaa! Gosh, I was wayyyy behind on my post! We’re all suffering. But, seriously, it is a functional impairment, at least. I identify with these, as well (especially the pinging in the middle of the night)…as in, Hubby: Your getting up? Where are you going? — Me: I have to go ping. — Hubby: Mehhhhh. LOL! Thanks for the laughs!

    I have to ping… love it!
    Thanks for the link, Melanie.


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