My achin' Dakota (3)

Anyone want to buy the Dakota from hell?
Mother Nature sucks.
This is what I found in my backyard this afternoon.
Surprise, surprise.
I didn’t really like the windshield anyway.
Nice, huh?
Guess who’s a happy camper now?


ps. The green Sunfire that was parked next to the truck was untouched. Go figure.


5 thoughts on “My achin' Dakota (3)

  1. Nice way to start the day Michael! I can’t believe the tree didn’t touch Sarah’s car…
    Thank God no one got hurt….
    I’ll pass on the Dakota from hell!
    Hope your week goes better. 🙂


  2. Ahh the saga of the Dakota continues loved the first two stories. Is the the end of the Dakota Trilogy? Or is there more
    to come? You know what I say about Dodge D’em Old Dude Go Everywhere!


  3. Carnealian-
    That was pretty much the entire tree. It’s fixed now. Thank God for insurance. Lord, knows we all pay enough.

    There will be more on the “possessed” Dakota. If you know anyone that wants to buy it, send them my way…

    The week can’t get any worse…unless it starts freekin’ snowing. 😉



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